Teeze06R Increase Colour Range

Baby Pink Teeze06R

Baby Pink Teeze06R

Teeze06 R Bordello are about to expand their Teeze 06 Rhinestone Shoe collection. 16 Fantastic new colours available between April and June 2012.

Available from The Lingerie Wholesaler for Drop ship!!

The Perfect prom and Party shoe!!

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Live Feed of Pleaser shoes on thelingeriewholesaler.com

The Lingerie Wholesaler can from today (7.9.11) present you with a live feed of in stock shoes, boots and sandal directly on our web site. This will make everyday stock challenges much easier for us, and for our customers, since we now can show you immediately what styles and sizes are available. You can log on to www.thelingeriewholesaler.com find the shoe you would like to check availability for and check stock by clicking on the drop down for shoe size. Sizes marked with a * indicates that the size is out of stock. There are some costume shoes with a different size system at the moment, these will be changed so you will know what size are in/out of stock.
 After allot of hard work the last 12 months The Lingerie Wholesaler now has the tools needed to be a complete, fast and, as always, reliable wholesaler. By adding our own warehouse, online warehouse system and fulfillment service (www.infulfilment.com) to our company, we can now get the orders processed faster, serve our customers better and deliver items in the fastest way possible to UK, Europe and Rest of the World. The Lingerie Wholesaler makes with all these changes a big leap forward, and makes the choice even easier why you should choose The Lingerie Wholesaler as your wholesaler for Genuine Brand Pleaser, Bordello, Demonia and Funtasma shoes and boots.
 All Roma costumes, Clubwear Dresses and Bikinis shown on our site are all in UK stock ready for immediate dispatch and our Rave outfits and Rave Costumes are shipped within 7 days directly from the UK.
 We hope these changes will give you, our customer, a great tool to use in your everyday work and management of your online store.

 Best wishes from
 The Lingerie Wholesaler.

The Lingerie Wholesaler with more Fancy Dress Costumes

The Lingerie Wholesaler will now be adding 15 new fantastic costumes to its Fancy Dress Costume collection. All Costumes will be in stock with The Lingerie Wholesaler the first week of September and will also be launched that same week. The Costumes are from Roma Costume, so it is high quality costumes that The Lingerie Wholesaler is presenting.

All items are made in the USA and the fabric content is 85% Nylon and 15% spandex.

The Lingerie Wholesaler has been working with Roma since 2008 and the brand oozes of quality and style. Their Costume collection is second to none and fits greatly with the clubwear marked. All designs are innovative and rarely reflect any other collection readily available on-line and off-line to date. Roma is a leader in design and designs are quite often copied, however the quality and use of materials cannot be reproduced at this level

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Pleaser Day and Night collection now available

The brand new Pleaser day and night collection oozes glitz and glamour, and will definitely make customers who likes colorful metallic, luscious suede and glitter trims very excited. Pleaser USA has up until now had a few shoes and sandals that was made with Rhinestones, but it was not that many styles to choose from. Now we got a whole new collection that are inspired from architectural and industrial design with a touch of the burlesque and traditional style. The Lingerie Wholesaler will bring on the whole collection that features sandal, shoes and boots all with allot of chrome, suede and glitter. Underneath you will find a few items as a sneak peek into this luscious collection which is made for women to strut in, both day and night.

The new Day and Night collection are all made with 1 1/2″  dual platform and 6″ heels.

The Lingerie WholesalerThe Lingerie Wholesaler

Burlesque Pin Up Style Shoes with TLW

The new Pin Up Couture Brand from Pleaser shoes is a real treat for Burlesque lovers. Pleaser shoes and Boots has for a long time had their Teeze shoes as the collection for Burlesque and Vintage inspired shoes. Now Pleaser has introduced the brand new “Pin Up Couture“ Brand  that gives you several different collections of CutiepieBurlesque and Vintage shoes. The shoes comes in 4″- 4 3/4″ High Heels and comes in several colors, prints and styles.

The Lingeriewholesaler also has a great collection of Clubwear, Fancy Dress Costumes, Bikinis and Fluffy Legwarmers.

Stardust Platform Shoes with The Lingeriewholesaler

Pleaser Shoes has arrived with several new collections. The Pin Up Couture Collection started off late 2010, but has and will be adding more items in 2011. The latest model added is the Tootsie Sandal model. A wedge Sandal in Red, Black or White.

The new Stardust collection with different types of platform Sandals also arrived late 2010, but will soon be added as a full collection. The stardust models comes in 6″, 7″, 7 1/2″ and 8″ high heels and are Platform Slide shoes or Platform shoes with ankle strap. All the stardust Sandals has studs on platform and heel.

The new Motif Collection has also been added. Motif are also platform sandals or platform sandals with ankel strap. The platform has many different prints and colors. Heel size is 6″, 7″ or 8″ high and is a huge Collection that we will be adding to through spring 2011.

Demonia Shoes has also renewed it self late 2010, and the new models that has arrived there are some new Gothika models, and the new Crypto Range that gives us both shoes and some really Funky boots to choose from.

The Lingeriewholesaler are adding new Shoes every month. Underneath you can see some of the new models added in 2011.

New Costume Shoes available now

Funtasma Costume Shoes has again started producing new costume and caracter style shoes. The Lingeriewholesaler are adding new styles as soon as they are available. The most popular this year is the Men’s Bloody-06, Loafer-16, Loafer-17, and the Women’s Bloody-12, Gladiator-208 and the Fairy-31G, all available with the Lingeriewholesaler. More styles will be added through out September.

New Demonia Shoes Collection

Demonia Shoes equals Alternative Footwear, but we have to say that in this years collection Demonia has added som great new styles that will be fitting for everybody who likes great styles and innovating design.

Not all styles are out yet, but through September and October 2010 Demonia Shoes will release the rest of their fantastic styles. The Zombie shoes are high heels with vibrant colors like pink, green, red, black all mixed together on both shoes and boots. Glam Boots and shoes are fantastic with their calm but still gorgeous design. The Crypto Serie is coming out with both shoes and boots for everyone to wear. The Boxer serie has rough platform boots with great details for those who want to make a stand and are not afraid to show who they are. We will say that this years Demonia Shoes from Pleaser Shoes has something for everyone.

New Bra from Eves Lingerie

Eves Lingerie manufactures, designs and supplies fashion bras, lingerie and bra accessories, and is a landmark in the field of intimate apperal and bra accessories. Their high quality and fantastic design makes Eves Lingerie a leader in their market, and is well know all over the world for their quality and inovative designs. This summer Eves Lingerie has introduced a new bra, the U-Bra. A bra with a deep U-shape for the plunging neck lines. Padded Cups provides an enhanced cleavage and beautiful bust line. Perfect for low back dresses, Coctail dresses and low cut neck dresses. All items from Eves Lingerie is in stock with The Lingeriewholesaler 

The U-Bra packaging also includes 2 extras:
1 Bra extender
1 Extra Neck strap

Bikinis And Clubwear In Stock


The Lingeriewholesaler has had an tremendous increase of  inquiries about Clubwear and Bikinis. Therefore has The Lingeriewholesaler now stocked up on Roma Bikinis, Contagious Bikinis and Roma Clubwear. The Lingeriewholesaler also stocks some of the most popular Roma Costumes and Fluffy Legwarmers to secure a fast delivery to the Retailers and their customers. The Lingeriewholsaler has a warehouse with staff in the UK to secure the fastest possible delivery to UK and European Customers.

The Lingeriewholesaler is on of the biggest European Customers with Pleaser Shoes USA. We order Shoes from the US 2-3 times a week. This makes The Lingeriewholsaler the place to Choose as your wholesaler. We deliver all our items in the most efficient and secure way. To apply for an account go to www.thelingeriewholsaler.com